Claiming this year's crown for best memoir is Rachel DeWoskin's Foreign Babes in Beijing. DeWoskin's book deserves to be read as a real contribution to our understanding of what exactly is happening in China now. 
The Asian Review of Books
In this deft, daffy comedy of errors, Ms. DeWoskin recounts her improbably adventures as a soap opera queen and her fumbling journey through the new, entrepreneurial China.
New York Times
DeWoskin's cleverly layered account charts parallel culture clashes, one that she experiences as a Western woman in modern China, the other a TV-ready version of the first, tailored to Chinese expectations.
The New Yorker
An intelligent and complex portrait of what it is like to be a young American woman on the mainland.
Wall Street Journal
What makes DeWoskin's account so readable are the multifaceted ways she understands her role and her time in a changing China, and her cheerful, self-assured navigation through weird realms of cross cultural desire and misunderstanding.
San Francisco Chronicle
For a real insider's look at life in modern China, readers should turn to the work of Rachel DeWoskin. . . she shows a society that is both immutable and developing at warp speed. 
The Economist 
Ms. DeWoskin is an acute observer of how huge social shifts have impacted the lives of Beijing’s young people. 
The Far Eastern Economic Review
Beneath all the amusing girl-about-town frippery, it is the exploration of politics, sexual, cultural and professional that is the engine that fuels this super-charged volume, and readers will feel lucky to have the sharp-eyed, yet sisterly, DeWoskin sitting in the driver's seat.
Smart and funny, this memoir is a fortune cookie of a book: Crack it open, there's wisdom inside.
Marie Claire
An appealing and intelligent memoir, told from a refreshing perspective: a woman's. DeWoskin focuses on her own story, which she presents delightfully and intelligently. She offers a fresh and clear-eyed portrait of a young woman's strange and wonderful adventures in modern China.
International Herald Tribune
Exhibiting sensitivity and uncommon wisdom, DeWoskin delivers a candid and valuable portrait of a China few Westerners get to see.
DeWoskin herself makes a charming, rather humble narrator, and her prose is as gripping as it is constant. — Kirkus
Her memoir weaves humorous tales of Sino-US culture clashes both on and off the set with astute observations of the two cultures, as well as a significant amount of Chinese history.
Publisher's Weekly
In her highly entertaining and enlightening memoir, she shares her fascinating perspective . . . She gives readers the perfect feel for today’s' China - a place where ancient and modern mingle . . .
Library Journal
A fascinating inside look at China in transition.
Seattle Post Intelligencer
DeWoskin [has] the perspective to collapse the personal and political to great, and occasionally hilarious, effect.
An intelligent, funny memoir about five years in the fast lane in Beijing.
People Magazine