When 21-year-old Rachel DeWoskin arrives in Beijing in 1994 to have an adventure, China is recovering from the government crackdown following the Tiananmen Square uprising. Within a few years, billboards, brand names, discos, divorce, cosmetic surgery and cross-cultural affairs transform the face of China’s capital. As China charges into the 21st century, Rachel finds herself starring on primetime television as the American vixen Jiexi, a sultry “foreign babe,” in love with Chinese culture and Chinese men.

A low-budget “Sex in the City,” “Foreign Babes in Beijing” revolves around Chinese-Western relationships and the modern drama of cultural exchange. 600 million people across China watch the show, and Jiexi becomes a sensation.

Experiencing the East-West divide in real-life while performing a fictional version on-screen, Rachel forms a group of friends that includes Anna, an adventurous Chinese woman who only dates foreign men; Kate, an impetuous American woman who only dates Chinese men; Wang Ling, a chiseled Chinese soap star; a ménage a trois of maverick artists; and an angry, alienated filmmaker – all of whom make for a cast of characters as fresh and revealing as one could ever hope for, on-screen or off.